Arquitectos en el Valle de Lecrín, Granada

Properties for sale

House in MOndujar 35.000 €

Half fixed house in the centre of the village of Mondújar, gateway to the Lecrín Valley. It can be bought completely fixed for 60.000 €.

Chalet in Pinos del Valle - 262.000 €

Recently finished chalet in the beautiful village of Pinos del Valle, with pool and every actual amenities, ready to enjoy.

Plot in Restábal - 120.000 €

10 000 m² plot at the center of el Valle de Lecrín. It has licences and a started farmhouse.

House in Moclín 90.000 €

House at the center of Moclín, has three bedrooms, a renovated bathroom, covered terrace. Basement and patio on ground floor. Traditional materials, currently for rent.

House in Moclín 2 - 40.000 €

House to reform at Moclín


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