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Mirasur offers a wide range of services, ranging from advice on choosing a property to the delivery of your fully finished home.

We break down our services so each client hires the ones they need. We use simple contracts, ‘Work Orders’, which are signed before the start of each stage. Mirasur has a client consignment account, in which the client’s money is deposited to guarantee payment to third parties.

Each client is assigned a responsible architect, who will be your contact throughout the development and construction of your project, and who can also deal with other professionals (lawyer, accountant etc.) on behalf of the client.

Mirasur offers its independent opinion free of charge to potential clients, who are interested in buying a property but need the opinion of an expert to know the possible problems they may have.

It is usually formalized in a visit to the property, and after a visual analysis, a verbal report is made to the potential client. We offer up to two hours free of charge to each client.

Mirasur has a wealth of experience and knowledge on issues related to the purchase and development of projects both on urban land and in the countryside. Many real estate agencies use our free advice service to help their clients get to know in depth the characteristics and possibilities of a property before it is purchased.

For Mirasur, the basis for a good technical and cost management is accurate information. A good initial analysis is essential for the proper development of the rest of the project.

Detailed analysis, including measurement and drawing of the property, analysis of structural stability and urban report.

When the client has purchased an existing building, before starting the fun phase (design), the Architect must thoroughly analyze the property to understand its shape and the state in which it is. An exact measurement and analysis of the structure is carried out, data that will allow the appropriate decisions to be made in the subsequent design.

When it comes to a property or parcel, Mirasur will look for a budget of topographers to measure and demarcate.

The concept design is the ‘idea’ stage of the project. Most architects know that the ‘concept’ of the project is based on fundamental decisions that will shape the building and how the client will live it.

The decisions taken at the concept design not only determine ‘the architecture’ but also a practical issue such as cost. It is therefore essential to talk about the client’s budget at this early stage. Once the concept design has been completed, and at the client’s request, Mirasur can make a cost estimate including all costs of the future project.

Mirasur offers a three-dimensional (3D) imaging service. This option offers the client the possibility to see the project before its construction.

When the client and the architect are satisfied with the concept design, the process of detail design and specification of details can begin.

Mirasur clients can be involved in the design of their home down to the smallest detail: from the position of electrical points to details, mouldings and of course the finishes (materials, colours, textures…).

Normally the client spends between 2 and 5 days specifying details and choosing finishes with their Architect. If the client prefers it, the Architect will make the selection which will then be agreed with the client (by email or in a single meeting).

Once all the details, materials, structure and installations of the project have been defined, Mirasur’s technicians will carry out the measurement of the work. This is a detailed description of all materials and works to build. The meticulousness of this document guarantees an exact financial control during the construction and allows to get a closed price for the execution.

At Mirasur we know that many people have had bad experiences in the construction of their projects and are sceptical about the economic conditions of the work. Our company guarantees that the amount signed in the contract will not increase (unless the client makes a change).

Once the measurement of quantities of the work is completed, it is time to look for prices and choose the professionals who will build the project.

At Mirasur we look for contractors and different budgets for our clients. Over the years of professional activity, we have established relationships with numerous companies. The advantage of working with them is that they know the quality we demand and how we supervise their work.

Mirasur’s work continues to grow and we are looking for new builders. If you have recommended a professional, we will contact them to manage the hiring of their work.

Mirasur takes the necessary steps to apply for building permits and other permits.

At Mirasur we have a thorough knowledge of local and building regulations, as well as legislation that may affect our clients’ projects.

We have staff specialized in the bureaucratic process associated with obtaining a building permit. When we deliver a project we are confident that it will be licensed.

One of the fundamental differences between Mirasur and other Architects is our special attention to the smallest detail through our Project Management service.

Each client’s project is supervised by an Architect and a Technical Architect (Quantity Surveyor). Among their services are included:

– Regular weekly site visits to supervise work during all project phases.
– Solving technical and design problems.
– Supervision of the supply of special materials.
– Monthly certification of executed works.
– Receipt of payments from the client to the consignment account and payments to third parties.
– Sending of reports and state of the works.
– Photographic record of the construction process.
– Financial accounting summary of the work at the end of it.
– Contracts with water, electricity, telephone supply companies…

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