Mirasur Proyectos SL - Architects in Spain
Mirasur Proyectos Lecrin Valley, Spain

Company Profile

MIRASUR is the leading company for quality in design and management of building projects in the Lecrin Valley. We specialise in producing designs which respect traditional values and aesthetics and combine these with modern day comforts and amenities.

MIRASUR is based in the heart of the beautiful Valley of Lecrin with its 12 picturesque villages. The area offers beaches and the sea, snow skiing and mountains, proximity to a city with good amenities, traditional architecture and culture, beautiful country and village and countryside properties for sale in the area.

Buying and developing a property in a foreign country can be a nightmare for the unwary or inexperienced. MIRASUR has over 80 years of collective experience and is able to advise and lead clients to reach successful outcomes for their projects.

MIRASUR offers a detailed and thorough service as a one-stop-shop from design, build, interior fitting out to agricultural finca management. We collaborate with various trusted professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc.) with whom we to complement our own in-house services.

MIRASUR clients are almost exclusively foreigners and we are therefore geared to managing all aspects of a project for clients who are busy in their own countries and who do not have the skills to oversee the development of their Spanish project.

We are happy to give advice to potential clients so come and speak to us before you make any final commitments on a property or project in the provinces of Granada, Malaga, Almeria, Jaén and Córdoba.

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